Magical Alice

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Inspired by Lewis Carroll's wonderful tale Alice in Wonderland, the Magical Alice collection is sure to light up your jewellery collections. These pieces are inspired by the magical adventures of Lewis Carroll’s Alice. Alice Liddell, the young girl who inspired the author, first visited Llandudno in 1861.

Looking Glass Ring *SALE*
£109  £76.30
Clogau Magical Alice Heart Pendant *SALE*
£139  £97.30
Clogau Magical Alice Agate Earrings *SALE*
£99  £69.30
Looking Glass Stud Earrings *SALE*
£119  £83.30
Clogau Magical Alice Garnet Earrings *SALE*
£99  £69.30
Clogau Magical Alice Club Pendant *SALE*
£139  £97.30
Looking Glass Inner Charm Pendant *SALE*
£159  £111.30
Looking Glass Pendant *SALE*
£149  £104.30